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Electric Johnny & his Skyrockets (Rotterdam)

Jan Schouten aka Electric Johnny (lead. gt.) and his brothers Cor Schouten † (drums), Daan Schouten (2d lead+rhythm gt.) and Henk Schouten (bass) founded The Skyrockets in 1958. They lived in Rotterdam and Jan got his nickname for having a daytime job as an electrician. The valve amplifiers were made by the Schouten brothers.


Electric Johnny played his unique mandolin styled guitar work on a Hofner Club 60. Singer/guitarist Rolf Pichell (Roy Michaels aka Shorty Miller) and Gerrit Krause (drums) joined the group and early 1960 the group got a record contract from CNR.


Their debut single BLACK EYES ROCK c/w JOHNNY ON HIS STRINGS in 1960 made them immortal in the Dutch rock history. The record was also released in the USA Felsted), Canada (London), UK (London), Denmark/Sweden (Sonet) and France (Ducretet Thomson).


They also developed a very own Indo-Rock style and they called it -South American Rock- On stage they wore multi-coloured shirts and Frans Huysmans came in the band on percussion instruments.


Roy Michaels (aka Shorty Miller) and Gerrit Krause left The Skyrockets in 1961. Wendy (Wieneke den Hartog) became their new singer and she was replaced in 1964 by Willem Grift. Harold 'Boebie'de Groot (2d lead gt.) joined the ranks of The Skyrockets in 1961. The Skyrockets existed untill 1968.


Dick Waanders released their first LP with old CNR stuff in 1974 on DIWA records. All their recordings became available on CD in 1992 (Rarity Records)




Jan Schouten alias Electric Johnny † (sologitaar) ex- Oety & his Rollers

Daan Schouten (ritmegitaar) ex- Oety & his Rollers

Cor Schouten † (drums, ritmegitaar)

Rolf Pichel aka Roy Michaels (zang, ritmegitaar)

Henk Schouten (basgitaar)

Gerrit Krause (drums); in 1960 naar The Rhythm Brothers

Frans Huysmans (percussion)



Jan Schouten alias Electric Johnny † (sologitaar)

Harold 'Boebie' de Groot (drums/2e sologitaar); naar Wendy & The Gardenias

Daan Schouten (ritmegitaar)

Henk Schouten (basgitaar)

Cor Schouten † (drums/ritmegitaar)

Frans Huysmans (percussion) tot 1961

Rolf Pichel aka Roy Michaels (zang, slaggitaar); in 1961 naar The Hurricane Rollers

Wieneke (Wendy) den Hartog (zang); naar Wendy & The Gardenias



Jan Schouten alias Electric Johnny † (sologitaar)

Daan Schouten (gitaar)

Henk Schouten (basgitaar)

Cor Schouten † (drums)

Wim (Willem) Grift (zang) ex- The Beat Boys


Overige muzikanten:

Paul Hofrechter alias Lange Paultje) [1960] (piano)

Jack Meeng (gitaar) [1964 - 3 mnd.] naar The Rocking Diamonds

Jan Bijl (gitaar)



* Jan Schouten alias Electric Johnny, geboren 20 september 1933 in Bandung (Nederlands-Indië en overleden op 4 februari 2018 in Doornenburg.